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TJL: Marketing & PR for small businesses

Targeted activity acheives results.

Our factsheets

  • For Forming a Private Limited Company

    Setting up a Private Limited Company need not be lengthy or expensive. The following top tips should help you with the process:

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  • For good Public Relations

    PR is what a company does rather than what it says so getting a good name for yourself takes time, effort and consistency. Good PR is also about relationships – with your PR firm or with the media so work hard to cultivate them.

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  • For getting funding

    Before you do anything about securing funding, draw up a business plan working out how much money you need to start up, if there is a market and financial forecasts. Most people use savings, friends and family or bank loans to start up a business (or a combination of these).

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  • For successful social networking:

    Social media is constantly developing. The sooner you get on board and up to date, the sooner you can take advantage of all the exciting new technologies and opportunities. It is a difficult area of marketing but when done correctly can bring big benefits for your business.

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  • Outsourcing

    Whatever your business, it's likely there is part of it that can be outsourced to a third party, freeing you and your employees to concentrate on your core business. Outsourcing is not just a money saving exercise – it can also improve quality, increase productivity and expand flexibility.

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