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For good Public Relations

PR is what a company does rather than what it says so getting a good name for yourself takes time, effort and consistency. Good PR is also about relationships – with your PR firm or with the media so work hard to cultivate them.

  • Step into the shoes of a journalist: Journalists are constantly looking for stories to fill their pages/airtime but the story needs to be relevant to their audience. Think about the audience of the publication you are targeting. For a woman's magazine you need to think of a story that's of interest to female readers but if it's a trade publication your press release can be more technical. If you were reading the magazine or listening to the radio would your story interest you?

  • Be realistic: Stories which are big news for your company such as new appointments or organisational changes are not necessarily big news for the rest of the world so be creative and give an interesting or unusual angle on the story.

  • Be persistent: If you have sent out a press release or communication and haven't heard in a week phone the journalist to follow up on the story. By talking to them it gives you another chance to sell your story. Don't target one publication give lots a try.

  • Become an expert in your field: Whatever your profession, there's an area that you're an expert in. If you're a nutritionist contact the media during the next healthy eating week. If you're an accountant, contact the local press before the next budget and tell them you're an expert on tax and available for commenting on how the budget will impact local business.

  • Get involved: Companies who have a good reputation give something back to their community. Be aware of local projects taking place which you can donate time or products to. Attend local events, donate prizes to school raffles or if you can sponsor up and coming sports stars.

  • Think green: Be aware of your impact on the environment. Any bad effect on the environment equals bad PR so be as forward-thinking and ethical as possible. Green stories also make good news stories.