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Targeted activity acheives results.

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For successful social networking:

Social media is constantly developing. The sooner you get on board and up to date, the sooner you can take advantage of all the exciting new technologies and opportunities. It is a difficult area of marketing but when done correctly can bring big benefits for your business.

  • Claim your profile now: You might not be ready to start using social media but reserve your company name on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc so you do not lose the opportunity.

  • Have clear goals: What do you want to achieve from social media? New contacts? Increased sales? Brand awareness? Having defined objectives about what you want will help take your campaign forward and keep you focussed.

  • Look for your competition: Search for your competitors and evaluate their social media presence. What are they using/what response are they getting?

  • Measure activity: as with all marketing, measurement is important. Everything that is clicked can be tracked, and most things online can be searched. Monitor website hits, sales, followers on Twitter. Keep an eye on any mention of your brand by setting up alerts and use analytics tools to measure performance.

  • Content is king: The key to success is creating great content your audience will want to read and share. People don't want to read advertising and they won't share your blog posts if they are just sales pitches. Don't just throw up information - brand it, invite comments or use a call to action.

  • Offer something unique: It doesn't have to be a money-off coupon or voucher it can simply be additional information about a product, top tips or business advice.

  • Keep talking: Social media is just that - social! Don't be afraid to share. You must have conversations online if you want to get followers, fans and readers. Reply to tweets about your company or brand, interact in forums, answer comments on your blog to start the trust building process. The more people trust you, the more they will share your message.

  • Keep motivated: Social media is an ongoing effort and you need to keep the effort up. Success is slow growing but it will only come if you maintain your campaign and keep your followers interested.