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TJL: Marketing & PR for small businesses

“TJL Marketing has added a new level of professionalism to our sales and marketing activities.”

What we do

Digital marketing

The internet has opened up many new channels of communication and has revolutionised the way that organisations carry out their marketing activity. However, it is important to realise that traditional marketing practice still applies and that internet marketing is most successful when integrated into your organisation’s overall sales and marketing strategy.

TJL Marketing has extensive experience of Digital Marketing and provides assistance with the following: twitter campaigns, Facebook, blogging, Website Design and Development, Review of existing websites, Permission email marketing, Electronic brochures, Newsletters, Online surveys, Online advertising, Search engine placement and optimisation, Directories, Online selling, Intranets and Ecommerce strategies.

TJL helps you engage with your customers and prospects.

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To find out more please call 01582 464048 or email info@tjlmarketing.co.uk