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TJL: Marketing & PR for small businesses

“TJL Marketing has added a new level of professionalism to our sales and marketing activities.”

What we do

Ins and outs

TJL Marketing’s team of professionals are passionate about helping you and your business succeed; passionate about a flexible approach to working that minimises the cost of our services; passionate about supporting local small businesses, start ups and entrepreneurs.

Our work always begins with listening. We take time to appreciate your aspirations, to understand the progress your business has made to date, and to review any business plans and resources you already have in place.

An in-depth understanding of your business enables us to provide marketing and PR support that is tailored to your exact needs, and provides us with an opportunity to initiate a working relationship based on trust and mutual respect. We guarantee professional conduct and confidentiality at all times.

Depending on your needs we start by addressing your marketing strategy and then focus on highly targeted, cost effective business, PR and marketing development activities to generate growth and help you achieve your business goals.

TJL Marketing’s work covers all aspects of business development, marketing, PR, branding and design. The work is executed by all or part of the TJL team depending on your requirement. Our flexibility means that the support we provide can be adjusted as your business grows, so you can ‘cherry pick’ our specialist knowledge on your journey to greater success.