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TJL: Marketing & PR for small businesses

“TJL Marketing has added a new level of professionalism to our sales and marketing activities.”

What we do

TJL Marketing - PR and Media Relations

When integrated with an overall marketing strategy, PR is a very effective method of raising market awareness, obtaining sales leads and generating new business. TJL Marketing provides cost-effective PR solutions that will not incur large PR agency fees or set up costs. We have many contacts across a wide section of the press including local press across the UK, business and trade press and networks and organisations with audiences in specific sectors. We also have experience in International press including Asia.

TJL Marketing specialises in online and offline integrated campaigns. Here are just a few examples of the awareness we have received for some of our customers:

Press Examples

We also work in specialist areas such as lobbying and crisis management.

For more information, please email info@tjlmarketing or call us on 01582 464048.