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TJL: Marketing & PR for small businesses

“TJL Marketing has added a new level of professionalism to our sales and marketing activities.”

What we do


TJL Marketing runs a series of interactive marketing and PR workshops.

Our interactive workshops for start ups and small businesses are designed to address the real businesses challenges you face including:

Why should you attend? These powerful, interactive workshops offer short cuts for all start ups and new businesses. We will help you to shorten the steep, start up learning curve by taking you through the strategies that are most likely to work for you and your business. You will leave with a better understanding of how to increase profitability, and with an action plan designed to grow your business and increase sales.

We also run bespoke marketing, PR and digital marketing workshops for individual organisations as well as interactive marketing and business development training workshops.

For further information and course details, please email info@tjlmarketing.co.uk for a program of forthcoming events.

You may be eligible for funding for these workshops.